Mike’s story: from Christian to Muslim to disciple

By September 15, 2022

United States (MNN) — United States prison cells provide a captive audience for the message of Islam. Approximately nine percent of state and federal prisoners follow Islam, but inmates aren’t the only ones becoming Muslim.

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Mike* grew up in a Christian home. “Working in prison, he started hearing inmates talk about Islam,” Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says.

“He started reading a Koran, picking up the Hadith, asking questions; lo and behold, he converted to Islam and has his wife and children convert to Islam.”

Mike soon found a religious fervor in Islam that he never had in Christianity. “He wanted to go to the Middle East and study under imams in Saudi Arabia, different places like that,” Doyle says.

On the surface, it looked like Mike and his family were forever changed. “But God kept pursuing him: through relationships, through dreams. People prayed for him; his father kept praying for him,” Doyle says.

Learn how Mike’s story ends in a new video from I Found The Truth.

Do you have a family member or friend like Mike? Check out the video, and find new encouragement from the Lord. “The Holy Spirit is still active; still reaching out to them after they have left their faith,” Doyle says.

“Some people leave the church and convert to Islam. The majority do not last very long in the religion of Islam, and they do come back to faith in Christ.”

Keep praying for your loved one, and wait on God’s timing. “God didn’t give up on Mike, and he loves the Lord Jesus with all his heart today. It (Mike’s story) shows us we can’t give up on people, whether they’re in our family or friends or people we know,” Doyle says.

“Is anything too hard for God? Absolutely not. He can bring them back.”





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