Militant Islam is creating more difficulty for Christians

By July 10, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — More than 20 people have died in violence
in the siege of the Red Mosque. Leaders have threatened to impose Taliban
style rule in Islamabad. It's proving to be a rallying point for government
opponents. The building has been surrounded by Pakistani government troops
since July 3, when clashes broke out between armed student radicals and
government forces.

However, Glenn Penner with Voice of the Martyrs, Canada says,
"The hotbed for militant Islam is really Pakistan, not necessarily even
places like Iraq or Afghanistan. But, a lot of groups like the Taliban and Al
Qaeda actually receive an awful lot of their train and inspiration from

Penner believes this newest crisis could be difficult for
Christians. "It seems like every time there's a dispute between the
government and the militant islamists the Christians often face consequences in
some regards or another."

He describes some of the violence Christians face regularly.
'You've got young girls being kidnapped and raped. You've got church leaders
who have been arrested, believers who have been charged with blasphemy simply
because they've gotten into a dispute with their neighbors. This is a regular occurrence."

Penner calls Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in
the world for Christians.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada is doing all they can to help
the church in Pakistan by, "Helping to equip church leaders to understand,
what does the Bible teach about persecution, and then to encourage their fellow
believers to respond in a biblical fashion to the persecution that they're

AS attacks against Christians increase, Penner says the work
of Christians won't end. "Those that are active and who are compelled to
share the Gospel of Christ are going to do so whether or not there's
persecution. And so, as bad as things may get there, there are always going to
be those who are going to be reaching out to those that hate them with the love
of Christ."

Penner is asking people to pray that VOM can provide
resources that we need and pray specifically for our brothers and sisters who
are reaching to out. It's not safe for them to do, but it's never save to
follow Jesus, is it?"

If you'd like to help VOM, Canada, click here.

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