Millennial Generation shows no fear

By November 19, 2009

International (MNN) — A new generation of believers is
rising up who are willing to put their lives at risk for the sake of Christ and
enter the Red Zone.

They are called the Millennial Generation, or Generation Y.
The exact start of this generation has been debated, but it is basically anyone
born around 1980 until 2000. One thing is for sure: their view towards missions
is radically different than past generations such as the Baby Boomers, Busters
and Generation X.

Mark Clark with The Evangelical Alliance Mission said what
makes them so different is their excitement and lack of strong fear about
reaching out to countries and regions across the world where sharing the Gospel
is illegal and life-threatening.

These areas are called Red Zones.

"A red zone is a country or a region or even a people group
where what we used to do in traditional missionary activity doesn't work; it's
just restricted. So Christian workers that are there share their faith in
creative, but legal ways," Clark said. The Red Zone covers over one third of
the globe, reaching from Sub-Sahara Africa, then stretches across the Middle
East and South Asia and spans across Russia.

Several of these creative ministries are through business
endeavors, medical missions, education and musical ministry.

Clark said especially in Eastern Asia there is a people
group whose entire society is centered around music. Proposals are set to song
and their history is conveyed musically, passed from generation to

The Millennial generation also views long-term ministry
slightly different than past generations. In the past, missionaries saw this as
20 to 25 years, sometimes even a life time. Now, younger individuals view
long-term services as 4 years or so.

However, regardless of how long they serve, Clark said their
attitude is exciting.

"Concerning their attitude, I call it a ‘bring it on' kind of
attitude; there are the needs around the world," Clark said. Workers in
these dangerous countries are still few and far between.

That is where you come in. About 3.3 billion people inhabit
the Red Zone, and they need you to bring the message of Christ to them.

Inexperience or lack of training should not stop you. Clark
said many individuals will say, "I'm not trained to be a missionary." However, he
said, "That doesn't matter. If you have a willing heart, we can plug in almost
anywhere around the world."

To get involved, visit The Web site
contains a map of the world with Red Zone countries highlighted in red, as well
as areas where you can learn about prayer needs, financial support or how to

Also, you can visit for more information about
TEAM and all their ministries across the globe.

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