Ministry continues despite power loss

By November 19, 2009

Ecuador (MNN) — As lights go out across Ecuador, evangelism
continues. HCJB Global says that despite the nationwide power shortage, they're
still able to present the Gospel through radio broadcasts.

The mission also
maintains emergency generators at its hospitals in Quito and Shell; the Quito
hospital is operating at full strength except for the CAT scan machine.  

"Honestly, it's been pretty seamless," says the
hospital's assistant director, Steve Wilson. "The electricity goes off,
the generator comes on."

The worst drought experienced by Ecuador for 50 years is a
major contributor to the ongoing lack of power. Ecuador depends on hydropower
to produce electricity for their nation. Because of the drought, power
generation was halved from one of Ecuador's largest hydroelectric plants.

On November 5, electricity rationing began, and authorities
have arranged for more energy acquisitions. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa
said the power outages could continue for "some months," according to
HCJB Global. Some reports say the power to residential areas was cut by up to
10 percent.

HCJB Global ministry in Latin America includes radio broadcasts,
healthcare in various forms, and leadership development programs.

You can pray for electricity problems in Ecuador to be restored
soon. Pray for the lives reached by HCJB Global broadcasts to be impacted and
changed for Jesus Christ.

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