Millions hear about salvation and Gospel applications to life issues through ‘Night Talk’

By November 18, 2011

(MNN) — Last week millions of people in dozens of nations heard the message of
Salvation and learned how the Gospel applies to issues as complex as abortion,
depression, the occult, and false teachings.

It was
all a part of a four-day
marathon of Night Talk, put on by evangelist Luis Palau and Spanish television network Enlace. The hour-long
live Q-and-A program took calls from Spanish speakers in Latin America, Australia,
Europe, and the United States, and gave them biblical guidance on matters of

the four days, Palau underlined the relevance and power of prayer and Scripture
in any situation. Despite the sometimes heavy and even difficult topics
introduced, Palau's responses kept to the fundamentals of spiritual well-being: salvation,
prayer, and Scripture.

described the vision behind the outreach as very simple. He said, "It's just me, a telephone,
and a Bible."

people from around the world called in, the Gospel message was told over and
over again. The Luis Palau Association notes that Palau quoted Psalm 107 to one
caller from Puerto Rico, telling her that the Lord could "bring her out of
darkness and take away her chains." The woman prayed to receive Christ on the

could really feel it in the studio," Palau said of the broadcasts. He spoke of "the
intensity of the spiritual battle that goes on…people giving their lives to
Christ or learning how to resist Satan and his temptations. It's a very
powerful time."

Continente 2011 program went out through online streaming, social media, radio,
and live Web components, thus reaching millions of people. The live event was
broadcast on 5,070 TV stations and a score of radio stations worldwide.

In the
wake of the broadcasts, hundreds of partner churches are helping to connect new
believers to a church in their area and to follow up with each caller. Pray for
these follow-up efforts as people really begin to dig into the teachings they
heard last week.

To learn
more about Luis Palau and his ongoing international ministry, visit  

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