Millions of students gather at flag poles in the United States

By September 18, 2003

USA (MNN) — About three million young people gathered around flag poles in the United States yesterday, for the 14th Annual See You At the Pole. It’s a student-initiated and student-led prayer movement.

This year Mission Network News received many reports from students indicating their prayers focused on a number of issues, including evangelism. One student said, “I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to go outside the norm in a public school and stand up outside, as people are coming in, and just allow them to see the praise and the community that we have here.”

Another student says rededication was a part of their prayer time. “It was an awesome opportunity to show people that we are Christians, that we stand up. Even today, I talked with someone and he rededicated his life.”

On girl added, “A lot of times, you feel like you’re alone. (It helps) just knowing that there are other kids here and that you’re community. It’s amazing to see just how many people came.”

And yet, another girl added, “School is so hard, of all places, just to fellowship with friends. And, you feel like an individual and you come here and you see everyone else that’s worshiping. It just makes it a lot better.”

Students at a Michigan school are hoping for good things after this year’s event. A Bible study was started following last year’s ‘See You at the Pole’ event.

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