Ministry blessed with 100 years of Gospel and God’s favor

By April 19, 2010

India (MNN) — Bibles for the World recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of Watkin Roberts bringing the Gospel of John to Senvon, India in the state of Manipur.

Mawii Pudaite and her husband, Ro Pudaite–co-founders of BFTW, attended the ceremony which took place at the Watkins Centenary Chapel along the Barak River–the exact place Roberts first preached the Gospel. Pudaite said of the community during the celebration, "Never in the history of Senvon has there been such unity and love demonstrated among themselves, and God honored that unity."

God honored the unity in numerous ways. One way was in drawing people back to Him: "Scores of young people recommitted their lives to the Lord, and 29 of them surrendered their lives for full-time missionary service, wherever God would send them," Pudaite said.

These 29 individuals have already begun their ministry in India, and before the end of the celebration, almost 70 percent of their needed support was met.

God also blessed the unity through nearly 7000 people visiting Senvon, which has a population of only 3000. He provided food, shelter and water for every individual. Pudiate said, "It was a foretaste of heaven."

Additionally, God protected everyone attending the celebration, and persecution was not an issue.

"God gave us a favor. There has always been persecution. We just praise God that He gave us a peaceful time," Pudaite said.

Now, as Bibles for the World moves past this milestone, they are looking to raise up 100 new national missionaries across India this year. These missionaries will reach out to people who have still never heard the Gospel.

But BFTW needs your help with prayer and sponsorship of these individuals. Check out their Web site to help out or learn more about the centennial celebration.

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