Ministry Center opens in North Ossetia

By June 1, 2009

Russia (MNN) — In a region of the world, which has experienced immense turmoil in the past year, Russian Ministries has been able to offer help.

In the North Caucasus of Russia on Sunday, May 31, the Vladikavkaz Ministry Center was opened in North Ossetia’s capital city, Vladikavkaz. A dedication service was held in the morning, which included a ribbon cutting, a Bible being carried into the building, and a bull being slaughtered. Five to six hundred people attended, and Bibles were distributed as they praised God for this opportunity.

“This is actually a miracle of God,” said Sergey Rakhuba from Russian Ministries. “We never thought we’d be able to finish it, but God is a great God and He sent us enough resources and the right people.”

Russian Ministries began building the center several years ago, just after the Beslan school siege on September 1, 2004. There has also been ongoing war in the area for the past 10 years, including war between Russia and Georgia just last summer.

Now, the center looks forward to the beginning of their ministry to the people of the area.

“The center will be used first of all for training: people from different cities are coming for various training and Christian ministries,” Rakhuba said.

Training will be offered for pastors, children’s ministry workers, missionaries and others. In addition to training, there will be various outreach ministries and a church housed in the building.

As the center is just getting started, much prayer is needed.

“Pray for resources for the center. Pray for wisdom for the leaders. Pray also for success in terms of outreach because there [are] so many needs in these communities,” Rakhuba said.

Please join Rakhuba and others from Russian Ministries in prayer as they minister in North Ossetia. To find out how you can also help provide much-needed resources, click here.

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