Ministry equips North American kids to share their Ffaith

By September 12, 2007

USA (MNN) — Children are ready to share their faith at surprising ages, and E3 Partners is helping equip them. 

The new Kids Evangelism Explosion Cube began as an idea in February 2007, and it will be ready to order by October 15. Though the target age group is 8-12, it may be useful to younger children as well. 

The cube follows the E3 Gospel presentation. "Although we use the same pattern and the same Scriptures, what we have done is to use visuals and illustrations that allow children to gain that language of faith so they then can share it with others," said Marcia Ardis of E3 Partners.

The original intent of the tool was: "To be a tool that says to teachers, ‘Oh, this is something I'd like to use. I understand. I know my children need to know their faith, and they want to share it.'"

Ardis suggests that Sunday School teachers and parents help their children learn how to use the cube. Seven mini-lessons will be available for download online. 

For now, 10,000 Kid's EE Cubes will be made. However, that number may rise according to
Ardis. "Our focus right now will begin with North America. But as we can see
with the traditional EvangeCube, it' s all over the world, and we're already getting connections and contacts with some of our ministries that are on the other continents."

First, however, "Our greatest need will be for churches to say, "Yes. we have children, and we have families that want to share their faith," said Ardis.

Orders can be made online for your family or group.

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