Ministry in Colombia continues to grow.

By February 8, 2005

Colombia (MNN)– OMS International asks prayer for the work of their ministries in Colombia.

The seminary’s academic year begins today, and many of the students still have financial needs. As for the prison outreach, 25 inmates in Bellavista Prison were recently baptized–a remarkable feat considering the prison is considered one of the worst in the country.

Pray for their spiritual growth as they attend discipleship classes. There is a special seminar in Cali this week that addresses prison ministry needs. OMS needs their team to participate, but have run into several obstacles, mainly dealing with funding issues.

OMS has a long-standing history of work in the country, They first began outreach in 1943, and now have 15 missionaries working in the area. Over the decades, their vision has broadened considerably.

They’ve developed relationships to include national churches like the Christian Fellowship of Colombia and the Inter-American Association of Evangelical Churches. These encompass 113 organized churches and 41 preaching points with a total of 12,737 members.

There are eight ‘Every Creature Crusade’ teams doing evangelistic outreach. And, the Biblical Seminary of Colombia trains more than 1,000 students in its different programs.

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