Ministry leaders called together to plant vision for campus revival.

By January 16, 2007

USA (MNN)–Collegiate Impact is a vital part of Life Action’s ministry. Impact Director Dave Warn describes what their network does. “The campus ministry leaders are currently discipling Christian students and then they will be able to make an impact on those students, who will, in turn, influence the lost on campus.”

Their presence is invaluable, given that a typical campus culture does not value godliness. For Christian students, their faith and testimony is constantly challenged to reflect the purity and power of God.

To that end, those in campus leadership often wonder how best to move campus transformation forward. That’s where the second annual ‘Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening’ comes in. It’s held at Yale University for a week this June.

The group participating in the Institute is capped at one-hundred. Why so small? Warn explains. “The focus is to give campus ministry leaders and really, fulltime campus ministers, an opportunity to meet with each other and to seek God together and to also have some teaching from a world class faculty and a group of presenters that will be addressing these issues of revival and awakening.”

Registration is open, click here for details.

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