Ministry needs your help in reaching the ‘cities of the world’

By August 24, 2004

South America (MNN) — An organization in North America is gathering resources to help reach out to people in cities around the world. The organization is called, “Cities of the World.” It’s a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada.

Cities of the World’s Paul Brooks says the goal is to take resources like expertise, people, finances, and more and export them around the world to help lead major cities in the world to Christ.

Brooks says they’re using a strategy called, ‘Power To Change’. “It’s a church based media campaign that uses the testimony of people’s changed lives to help present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an entire city,” he says. It uses radio, television, billboards and other media to share local believer’s stories of how Christ changed their lives.

The program was recently launched in Volgograd, Russia. He says using the media is strategic. “The media has two very distinct purposes. One is to help to encourage local Christians. Because as they look through their city, they would be encouraged themselves to say, ‘how can I be part of this, how can I start to share my faith with my neighbor’? And so, it helped to mobilize local Christian. And, the second purpose was obviously to share the Gospel message throughout the city.”

Christian concerts, gospel meetings and other evangelistic outreaches are coupled with the media blitz. Brooks says the campaign in Volgograd saw lots of spiritual fruit. “We asked the pastors after the campaign what kind of response they saw. They told us they know of 50,000 people who prayed to receive Christ during the campaign.”

A similar campaign is scheduled to begin in November in Petrozavodsk. $100,000 is needed to help with media buys and other resource material.

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