World Vision begins feeding program in Darfur

By August 24, 2004

Sudan (MNN) — World Vision announced a five month food aid program, which will distribute 22,075 metric tons of food to 250,000 internally displaced people in Darfur. The program began last week in collaboration with the United Nations’ World Food Program. Food assistance is expected to make up about 80-percent of World Vision’s programming in Sudan.

World Vision Australia’s CEO, Tim Costello, recently returned from the region and saw first hand the devastation and dire need of displaced people in Darfur. “Kalma camp is barely liveable right now. There isn’t enough clean water, sanitation is almost non-existent and many of the children are very sick and malnourished, which is why the distribution of food is critical,” says Costello.

Reports from the field indicate children are suffering from a range of illnesses including malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory tract infections, which can lead to pneumonia. There are also fears of dysentery and cholera as the rainy season continues.

Reports indicate that one third of Darfur’s population of six million will need emergency relief aid by the end of the year with a growing proportion of deaths in Darfur now due to displacement and not direct violence.

World Vision Australia needs to raise more than $2 million dollars for its work in Sudan and Chad and is appealing to the public to give generously. Money raised will be spent on short-term relief and long-term rehabilitation.

Since World Vision is a Christian organization, pray that the teams will see an openness as they operate as the hands and feet of Christ.

World Vision Emergency Appeal for Sudan donations can be made on line at

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