Ministry offers faith amidst misery in Myanmar

By May 14, 2008

Myanmar (MNN) — Myanmar's
government is accused of hoarding emergency cyclone relief, frustrating
attempts to help survivors.

The supplies are beginning to
bottleneck at the airports because the junta regime refuses to allow aid teams
in to distribute them. Add to that a
crumbling infrastructure, and every
minute lost in getting food and shelter dispensed could be a life.

Trans World Radio's David
McCreary says that's why their response is coming through radio.  They've dedicated 30-minute broadcasts that
will provide biblical counseling and care five days a week for the next year.

But with homes washed away and
large tracts of land under water, nearly two million survivors are facing
disease and starvation. So what good is
radio when survival is minute to minute?

"They are suffering daily.
Things like trying to find clean water, food, shelter, getting medical
attention–these are all things that we are trying to address through our
programs. [We can] tell them where they can go to get these needs [met]. People that
have battery-powered or solar-powered radio become a vital link for these storm

McCreary says the broadcast
provides more than a map to physical help. The programming will be specifically designed to help restore the lives
and spirits of Myanmar's people. "Typically,
they just try to cling to the hope that the Gospel can provide, so that's what
we're doing:  providing  them hope
through the Gospel broadcast." 

TWR's Andrew Sundar, ministry
director for Southeast Asia, says, "Currently, we are broadcasting existing
shortwave programs to Myanmar in both the Burmese and Sgaw Karen languages. But
the new relief-focused broadcasts will be vital when it comes to addressing the
victims' ongoing needs."

Please pray that God will provide
the $58,000 in necessary funds to produce this special series of programs for
the spiritually-needy residents of Myanmar. Click here if you can help.

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