Ministry partner kidnapped, prayer is needed

By April 8, 2005

Undated (MNN) — Shocking news is coming in from a creative access nation. We can’t mention the country or the man’s name for security reasons.

American Evangelist Sammy Tippit is currently working to translate many of his messages into various languages around the world, many of them in areas hard to reach with the Gospel. Tippit says, “We’ve taken evangelistic messages, discipleship training, leadership things, and we’ve put them in to a DVD format or even CD format (and) it can get into various places where it would be very, very difficult for someone from the west to get into. And, it’s been a very effective tool.”

But, this kind of work can be dangerous in countries antagonistic to Christianity. Tippit says that’s proven to be the case in this instance. “About two weeks ago the guy who was the translator began to feel fearful for his life and said that he needed to have a personal bodyguard. And so, we told him that we would provide that. And, we just received word that he has been kidnapped.”

Tippit says this project has been plagued with problems that he describes as a spiritual battle. “The gentleman who started it had a heart attack and died and someone stole the computer with all the materials and resources in it.”

Information about the situation is sketchy at best, says Tippit. “Our partner that we have been working with is right now on his way to try to assess the situation. We don’t know much more than that at this point except that we know that there has been a demand for a ransom.”

Tippit is asking people to pray for this man. “Here’s a man who’s putting his life, literally, on the line for the sake of getting the message of the Gospel out among his people and we just really need to be praying that the Lord will work in this situation.”

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