Nias Island continues to struggle, transportation routes closed

By April 8, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — Landslides cover the countryside of Nias Island, Indonesia. It’s been more than a week since the 8.7 magnitude quake hit the region and now the death toll is project at 2,500.

World Hope International’s Keith Norris says Nias was already struggling to rebuild after the tsunami when this quake hit. “That caused a lot more damage to the buildings and roads. 85-percent of the buildings have been destroyed. And, it’s really hard to help these people at the moment because the roads are impassable and you basically need a helicopter right now to distribute supplies.”

Norris says World Hope is ferrying supplies to Nias from Sumatra, which was hard hit hard by the tsunami. He says it’s all done for one purpose. “We do all we do in the name of Christ. We want very much to see that Good News is proclaimed and people get involved in a local church.” That’s why they also work with a consortium of local churches.

Prayer and financial support are needed as they help rebuild schools and other buildings. He says, “I think if we can show the love of Christ through very practical means, that will go a long way on helping to build a church and kingdom of Christ in this land.”

If you’d like to help World Hope International, click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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