Ministry ready to launch program in Liberia

By January 13, 2009

International (MNN) — Sammy
Tippit Ministries
is on track to launch a new project called "Liberia Now."

Liberia Now is a partnership that
includes several organizations. Its aim:
to transform communities in Liberia through spiritual teaching, medical assistance,
economic and educational training.

The vision that launched the
project goes back to December 2007. 
Evangelist Sammy Tippit was preaching evangelistic meetings and felt a
burden for the people in Liberia.

His desire was to help them
recover from 14 years of civil war. In the summer of 2008, Dave Tippit of
Eternal Concepts headed up a team to put feet to that vision, and they began laying the groundwork for a
long-term project. "We're
working through the churches. Our whole desire is for people to see the love of
Christ tangibly through the physical actions of what's going to be happening in
the community, and to see how Christ can change lives spiritually and souls can
be saved through Him."

The program launches in March
with the first group led by Dave Tippit. Sammy Tippit will lead another group
in October of 2009. 

Pray that the ministry is
fruitful. Ask God to give wisdom and
clarity of vision as Sammy Tippit leaders meet with Liberian leaders for discussions about the future of
their community.


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