Ministry repairs damages from windstorm

By June 19, 2007

(MNN) — A strong windstorm recently swept through the Grace
mission station in Kama, Congo,
heavily damaging many of their buildings. 

GMI's Sam Vinton describes the extent of the damage. "We have this airstrip that runs right
through the station and village. The
wind blew the roofs off of six or seven schools on that station. Most of the
roofs were blown off–a lot of people's homes and the
depot where all those things are stored for people's ministries."

Vinton says replacing the roofs can be a challenge. Tin roofing is expensive and has to be flown
into Kama. The disruption of the storm hasn't stopped their work. In fact, says Vinton, their plight has served
to raise awareness of the outreach side of their work. "We are in the
process of raising funds to help reconstruction providing roofing materials and
so on.  At least it has raised a lot of
consciousness of people who are trying to help rather than just depending on

The Congo
is GMI's oldest and largest mission field. Four missionaries work with the
Grace Church in Congo
in the areas of evangelism, church planting, education, literature, medical
work, and community development projects.

Leaders for their over 500 churches are trained in our fully
accredited Theological
College, Pastors' School,
and 16 Bible institutes. A large medical center with two Congolese doctors is
functioning in a Muslim area where there is a focus on planting churches in the
surrounding unreached people groups. One teacher training college, 75 high
schools, and 145 grade schools are run by the national church.

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