Ministry responds to flooding in Sri Lanka

By June 17, 2008

Sri Lanka
(MNN) — Since unusually heavy monsoon floods drove more than 400,000 people
from their homes on the island of Sri Lanka, Gospel for Asia's
Compassion Services teams have mobilized rapidly to distribute much-needed food
to the homeless. 

The teams currently have supplies for 150 families after GFA
rushed emergency funds to the island, but more will soon be needed. 83,000 families in seven districts have lost
their homes in the deluge that killed twenty people. Many have no shelter from the continuing
torrential downpours. 

Some of the people have found refuge in Buddhist temples,
which are almost always built on the highest ground in the village. However, the temple monks are not able to
provide the people with food. Flooded
fields are useless for growing crops, and many families' crops have been
destroyed. The monks are cooperating
with GFA's teams to distribute rice, coconuts, and other basic foods to the

The heightening conflict with ethnic Tamil rebels adds to
the challenges facing Sri
Lanka's homeless. The conflict has forced 7,000 people into
refugee camps in the eastern part of the country, and stray bullets, mines and
suicide bombings are a constant threat. 

New laws also restrict travel, making relief work more
difficult. All travelers are required to
report their plans to the police. 72
percent of Sri Lanka's
population is Buddhist, and 35,000 villages have never been reached with the

GFA hopes to reach many more people with food, medical
assistance, and rebuilding as well as with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

"Through these tragedies, God always works in people's
hearts in an amazing way," said GFA president K. P. Yohannan. "As
Christians, we not only are called upon to bring food, clothing and shelter in
the name of Jesus, which we are doing, but we also have the Word that points the
way to abundant life now and forever. Our GFA Compassion Services teams are
sharing both."

You can help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of
Sri Lanka's

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