Ministry seeks to provide 500,000 copies of John

By December 10, 2008

India (MNN) – Over 10,000 Christians have been forced from their homes due to the intense persecution in Orissa, India.

Hundreds of believers' houses have been destroyed, along with all of their possessions. In the meantime, Bibles for the World has been diligently working to restore Bibles to those suffering.

100,000 New Testaments in the Oriya language have already been distributed in Orissa. "We feel that as Bibles for the World, our task is to provide the Bible," says Bible for the World's Mawii Padaite. "Many of the Christians, when their houses were burned, they lost everything. So we have been supplying Bibles and New Testaments for them. But we really would like to increase what we are doing by printing more Bibles."

Bibles for the World plans to print 500,000 copies of the Gospel of John in Oriya as soon as funding allows. However, "We have to be careful," says Padaite. She explains that even relief camps housing homeless Christians have been "disturbed," making Bible distribution difficult and risky.

Christians in Orissa remain at high risk. Over 100 churches have been burned, hundreds of people have been forced from worship services and houses, and dozens of believers have been martyred. Amazingly, those suffering have remained fervent for the Lord, and Padaite is certain that God will prevail.

"We believe that God is highlighting the need of the good news of the Gospel in that state. And, as many Christians around the world are praying for the people in Orissa, we believe that God is going to do a mighty thing there."

In order for Bibles for the World to provide Christians in Orissa with Bibles, they need your help. The funding is not yet complete for the distribution of the Gospel of John, and many more Bibles are still needed. If you can help, click here.

In the meantime, continue to pray that God would change the hearts of those persecuting His church and bring peace to His children.

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