Ministry shares benefits of digital radio with national leadership

By October 22, 2012

Ecuador (MNN) — Engineer Charlie Jacobson says HCJB Global is helping leaders in Ecuador ride the wave of the future.

"We see digital as the way that radio's eventually going to go, just like television," Jacobson explained. "Much of the world is already going that way, and we want to assist the Ecuadorean government. God has blessed us with some of the resources to do that."

There are at least 17 ethnic groups scattered throughout Ecuador, each with their own native tongue. Right now, radio programs are only available in majority languages like Spanish and English. But with digital radio, listeners could hear about Jesus in their heart language.

HCJB is training staff and has set up a temporary broadcast site for digital programming. This way, government leaders can compare digital radio with their current broadcasting system. Read more about HCJB's work in Ecuador.

Jacobson said their staff has encountered "technical difficulties" along the way, but it hasn't stopped them from moving forward. Pray for wisdom and endurance.

"It's technically challenging," he said. "There are hurdles and interesting things you run across in the process."

Pray for HCJB staff as they teach authorities about digital radio. Pray that this new technology would help spread the Gospel.

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