Ministry shares big plans for 2008

By February 8, 2008

International (MNN) — Book of Hope is looking at 2008 as a year of growth. Their mandate is to reach every child with God's Word. Notes Founder Bob Hoskins and Executive Director Rob Hoskins, "God promised that the gates of hell could not prevail against the building of His Church, so clearly, every child and youth in the world must receive God's Word."

The Book of Hope is the Gospel text harmonized, translated, and published into different languages and distributed with government permission in public and private schools. The GodMan is a computer-generated photo-realistic animation version of the Book of Hope which tells the life story of Jesus and can be targeted toward a particular country or culture.

Book of Hope teams want to reach over 70 million youth with the Book of Hope and The GodMan film. They're moving this year to expand the scope of The GodMan to include more versions and languages.

Once they complete phase one of their "Spiritual State of the World's Children," Book of Hope can make their strategies more effective in reaching young people with the Gospel. It's the second year of a three-year project that studies the next generation in the ministry's first 15 outreach fields.

Findings will position the Book of Hope and The GodMan film to make the greatest possible impact, through strategic development and planning on how to most effectively meet the next generation's most urgent needs. The data generated can be shared with other ministries for even greater impact.

The research will eventually help the ministry evaluate the needs, opportunities, strategic partners and potential program implementation in a particular region. 

As part of the whole growth process, Book of Hope is talking with national leaders, in-country education experts, pastors, parents and youth so they can develop potential partner churches and ministries. They can also use the information to address community strengths and weaknesses and give a valuable outlook on distribution opportunities.

Funding is needed for surveys, materials, training, and evaluation. Click here if you can help.

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