Big Ten school may have a new student ministry soon

By February 7, 2008

USA (MNN) — Collegiate Impact is a college ministry of Life Action Ministries. It is already a part of a large handful of university organizations and could soon be a new addition to another well-known institution.

Professor Greg Stevenson will soon present Collegiate Impact to faculty at Purdue University. He hopes that his presentation will give those in his audience a vision of the need for campus revival. 

Collegiate Impact desires to see hearts break over sin. By this, they want lives to be transformed, and with transformed lives comes even more open doors for the Gospel to be seen and heard across the entire campus. 

Collegiate Impact speakers are available to visit and refresh the message of revival, and by this, challenge students. There is also help offered for campuses to begin a series of meetings intended to help students actively pursue revival.    

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