Study abroad makes personal and global poverty real

By February 7, 2008

USA (MNN) — Many college students have a vision for global change. Food For the Hungry's Go ED study abroad program is engaging them in the world so they can develop greater understanding of themselves and the situations facing the world. 

Students take four classes which amounts to approximately 15 credits which are transferable.  Classes are on local tradition and culture, a development course, a fine arts course , a practicum, and a theme class. Programs are available in China, South America and Africa. Go ED will help contact universities in order to ensure that credits will be transferred.    

So many things offer a transforming experience today. Michael Pucci says their program offers a different kind of transformation: to help the next generation own and end poverty. It helps students understand their own spiritual poverty, but the academics also have a transformational quality. "You can't change a life without also changing a mind. And it's an integrated curriculum that tries to bring these things together–the head, the hands, and heart–for a lasting transformation."

The hands-on approach helps students learn what books cannot teach. "You can't be engaged in the process of transformation if you're not with other people. Try to become more patient without anybody around–it doesn't work," Pucci explained. The practicum helps students put this concept to work.  

Pucci says that the current college generation seems to understand that there are still great needs that must be met around the world. "They look around and see the older generation sort of not responding to some of the most glaring problems in our world today, and they really want to plug in. What we hope they realize is yes, go out and change the world, but start with yourself and really open yourself up to God changing you," said Pucci.

Go here for more information on getting involved in Go ED.

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