Ministry teams boost clear vision in North Africa and Russia.

By August 23, 2006

International (MNN)–Global Aid Network, or GAiN USA just saw their eye clinic teams serving in North Africa and in Siberian Russia.

GAiN’s Tim Burns details what they did. “We saw 530 patients that came in for vision problems and we were able to give out 330 pairs of glasses for both reading and prescription glasses.”

While that may not seem unusual, what IS unusual is that the glasses were new, and that GAiN had team members working in the eye care profession. That meant, “The prescription glasses we were able to make on the spot for most issues. It’s great way to demonstrate again, the love of Christ for every one of them.”

The results were immediate. Not only did the patients have a new hope and clearer vision, for many, they saw loved ones’ faces for the first time in years. As the wonder of this gift dawns on the patients, it also opens a new door for sharing why GAiN teams are there: to carry out the Great Commission and to share the love of Christ in many tangible and meaningful ways.

But, Burns says a ministry like this can’t continue without both funds and people. He also urges people not to let the precision of eye care put you off. “People like you and me can be trained to do these vision screenings, and not technically specific sort of training. So, you can be trained to do this sort of ministry on a light level. But, we do need a specific technical help, obviously, when we get into the higher prescriptions.”

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