Ministry updates uprising impact

By April 7, 2008

India (MNN) — The militant Hindu uprising
in India's Orissa State over Christmas left many victims in its wake. The initial incidents set off waves of other
persecution that destroyed the churches and homes of many believers.

A Partners International Master Trainer was
on a Hindu militant's hit list. A trainer of church planters, he was forced to flee
into the jungles. But when 200 Hindu activists were arrested recently, he returned home and resumed his ministry.  

In another case, a 10th grader showed a determination deeper
than his tender years. He says, "We
have faced this persecution for our faith in Jesus, but I will not give up my

A classmate was crying when she told about her death-defying escape: "On that day, I
had no idea what was happening when my parents asked me to dash into the
jungles. When we came back, I found everything was burned up–my clothes, my
books–but I still want to continue my studies."

The loss of materials came
at a critical time in the students' education career. Many have exams in early
April. With the desire so strong and a
need so desperate, another Master Trainer is coaching some of the students for

The Partners International-supported ministry has helped 35 students by providing writing paper and tutors to coach them for the examinations.

One of the teachers said, "Now there is a ray of hope for the students to
pass the exams. Before the tutorials were started, the students didn't think
they could take the exams at all. JVI's act of kindness is a great breakthrough
and a valued effort."

Pray for the protection and
growth of Partners International's workers' ministries. Pray also that many from unreached people groups
may embrace Christ.

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