Minstry aids victims of Ecuador’s widespread flooding

By April 16, 2008

Ecuador (MNN) — Thousands of Ecuadorians are still living
in temporary shelters in the wake of a rainy season that has pummeled the
country since January. This is
considered the worst flooding in 25 years, with damage estimates at a billion

"The access to the land is gone. The businesses are
down and destroyed by the water. There's no income. There's no food," says Christian Reformed World Relief
Jacob Kramer, summing up the crisis.

The stagnant water and contaminated wells are leading to
outbreaks of waterborne diseases. On top
of that, the education system has been
severely disrupted with nearly 20 percent of the schools damaged or partially

Although the rains may be slowing, it will likely be next
month before the floodwaters recede enough to begin rebuilding. 

CRWRC, with its partner Rowan, has begun its response to the
situation in Ecuador by distributing mosquito nets and food aid to families in
12 remote communities in the Manabí province and two communities in the Guayas

Their commitment speaks volumes. Kramer says, "The aid we are providing
is through the churches, and as such, we are empowering the local churches to
reach out beyond their membership in order to be the hands and feet of
Christ. That is really an empowerment of
mission of the local churches, and we see the Spirit greatly moving in that

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