Miracle stories from Iran

By August 28, 2023

Iran (MNN) — The Lord is doing miraculous things in Iran.

One woman called Heart4Iran’s 24-7 prayer line after seeking the truth for weeks. Her search began after she watched a program on Mohabat TV, Heart4Iran’s satellite television network.

“She heard about Jesus, but she was so confused because she was a devout Muslim,” Heart4Iran’s Nazanin Baghestani says.

“She was praying, ‘God, tell me! Tell me the truth.’”

The woman finally received an answer in the middle of her morning ritual. “It was before dawn, and it was so dark, but all of a sudden, the light came,” Baghestani says.

“This voice said, ‘It is Me.’ She knew that it was Jesus, and she said, ‘I am going to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.’ She just folded her namaz (prayer mat) [and] she threw it away.”

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Another Iranian woman – a Christian mom – almost lost one of her twin eight-year-old daughters in a tragic accident. The girls were playing outside when one got tangled in a rope.

“By the time her mom came, she found her daughter not breathing,” Baghestani says.

The mom rushed her daughter to a hospital, where “the doctors pronounced her dead. They were wrapping the girl up to take her to the morgue, and [the mom] pulled the bed; she said, ‘Don’t take my daughter! Jesus is going to save my daughter,’” Baghestani continues.

“Then [the mom] got up, wiped her tears, [and] she said, ‘Unwrap her.’ She (the daughter) was alive, she was breathing, and she came back home. In fact, she (the daughter) talked with us, and she was all fine.”

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Praise God for His compassionate intervention. Pray that people in Iran will be comforted by the Healer and experience His miraculous works during times of darkness and despair.




Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.