Missio Nexus leans on collaborative history to tackle today’s tough issues

By September 20, 2023

USA (MNN) — North America’s largest annual missions meeting begins next Wednesday. “It is our premier event of the year,” Missio Nexus President Ted Esler says.

“We have breakouts, workshops, plenary sessions; there’s a lot of content.”

From September 27 to 29, Christian leaders will discuss rapid social transformations in the U.S. and beyond. More about that here.

“The takeaway with this particular theme is helping leaders understand and ideate what is happening in the culture that impacts what they’re doing in ministry,” Esler says.

“We’re hoping leaders walk away with some ideas that will challenge them to ‘up their game.’”

Learn more and sign up here. Today’s your last day to register for the in-person event.

“The best thing to walk away with is a new relationship with a peer who can assist you in doing your job better,” Esler says.

The upcoming three-day Missio Nexus conference in Orlando, Florida, will draw leaders from two spheres of ministry – the local church and mission agencies.

“We’re about execution on the Great Commission. It is not an academic conference; it is more of a practitioners’ conference,” Esler explains.

You might be familiar with the acronym TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. This collaborative concept is part of the Missio Nexus identity.

“Missio Nexus history goes back to 1917, gathering people in the Great Commission community who are trying to solve many of the same problems,” Esler says.



Header image courtesy of Missio Nexus.