Mission leaders discuss rapid social transformation and the Gospel

By August 25, 2023

USA (MNN) — If you’re a Christian living in the United States today, you’d probably agree that our society looks drastically different than it did ten years ago.

“This is an era of mass flux and change. Whether it’s the topic of sexuality, sexual identity, or immigration – all sorts of things are changing and shifting right now,” Ted Esler of Missio Nexus says.

“As mission agencies and globally-focused churches, we need to understand those changes and do our best to get ahead of the change curve.”

Missio Nexus holds a forum to discuss topics like these at its annual leadership conference. This year, the ministry will host “SHIFT: Rapid Social Transformation and the Gospel” from September 27 – 29 at Caribe Royal in Orlando, Florida.

“We’re asking questions and asking people to think about [these issues],” Esler says.

“If you come to our conference, you’ll hear diverse perspectives. But they’re all aimed at thinking about redemptive history and how God is working through the Great Commission.”

At the “Shift” conference, author Ed Stetzer will present on the Church in the midst of rapid social change.
(Graphic courtesy of Missio Nexus)

Missio Nexus is similar to a trade association. “Most trade associations promote the industry. Well, our industry happens to be the Great Commission,” Esler says.

“The mission of Missio Nexus is to catalyze relationships, ideas, and collaboration within the Great Commission community.”

The three-day “SHIFT” conference will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, and over 70 breakout sessions on race, immigration, artificial intelligence, human identity, and more.

Speakers include Ed Stetzer, Sam George, Michele Okimura, Glenn Stanton, James McGee III, Wayde Goodall, Todd Ahrend, Yvonne Carlson, and many others.

Wondering if you should go? Get tickets and more information here. Even if you don’t go, pray for those who do.

“We would love to have people put this on their calendar and pray for leaders seeking to fulfill the Great Commission,” Esler says.



Header and story images courtesy of Missio Nexus.