Zimbabwe’s election controversy has political and spiritual implications

By August 24, 2023

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabweans went to the polls yesterday to elect a new president and members of parliament. Yet, the past few months have been rife with controversy. Incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa has run for re-election, and two weeks ago he made a shocking promise that anyone who votes for his party would ensure their place in Heaven.

Unfortunately, this type of political prosperity gospel pandering is in line with ministry struggles in Zimbabwe.

Greg Yoder of Christian World Outreach says, “Prosperity gospel is huge in Zimbabwe, and that’s one of those things that isn’t truth.

“There are people that go through hard times that are very strong believers. So we can’t say that because you’re a believer, you’re going to have everything you need or want.”

Regional leaders of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe. (Photo courtesy of Christian World Outreach)

Solid biblical discipleship is desperately needed in Zimbabwe. CWO has been ministering Christ’s hope to Zimbabweans with leadership development programs for over two decades.

Yoder explains, “That’s why the ministry started there was to develop leadership training and to speak truth to the pastors and lay leaders that are discipling their churches and sharing the Gospel in their communities – because there’s a lot of false teachers out there.”

Pray for Zimbabwe to have a peaceful election outcome, and for wise biblical leaders to shepherd the Church.

“We can’t put our hope in our government, in our politics,” says Yoder. “That’s not going to get us to Heaven. It’s being obedient to what God’s called us to be and to believe in the salvation that comes through His Son, not our politics.”








Header photo of Zimbabwe’s incumbent president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. (Photo courtesy of News Measurements Network Live/Flickr)