Believers persevere as chaos grips Sudan

By August 24, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — Sudan’s war has four million people on the move as chaos and death plague the nation.

A cholera outbreak looms as morgues overflow in Sudan. Food, clean water, and medicine are nearly impossible to find.

In a report published Friday, a nurse working with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Sudan says:

The change in Sudan is shocking. On the road between Wad Madani and Khartoum, we saw tanks, decimated buildings, and many checkpoints. Security is not the same. The price of food is increasing. If you have electricity, you are lucky. Everything is critical.

“Sudan is not stable,” agrees the head of the Sudanese Evangelical Community Council, Rafat Samir.

Yet hope remains. Decades of persecution have strengthened the resolve of Christ-followers. No matter what comes next, believers are determined to follow Jesus.

“We have many group members because of the persecution. During even the bad times, we see many churches building (growing),” Samir says.

“The fear which captured our mission, we are free from it.”

Tribal and Islamic groups in Sudan fight each other for control, but they agree on one thing – Christians need to go. Ask the Lord to protect believers as they gather in secret and help each other survive the war.

“Pray that God [will] open our eyes to focus on God and know what exactly He wants our country [to] look like and what His mission [is] in our country,” Samir requests.

Pray for unity among Christian leaders from different generations.

“The new thing now is discipleship through the internet. [Young church leaders] read a lot; they have access to the internet so they have [much] information,” Samir says.

“The old generation who study outside, who have theology degrees from other colleges, they came back and [young leaders dismissed] their experience.”

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Header image courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs USA.