Mission Accomplished: God’s Word touches prison inmates

By February 15, 2024
Mission Cry, Nakuru Women Prison Bible distribution, cropped

Tanzania (MNN) — Isaiah 55:10-11 tells us that God’s Word does not return empty but accomplishes the purposes He has for it, without fail. That’s what a recent story from Mission Cry calls out.

Mission Cry sends shipping containers packed with Bibles, seminary books and Christian literature to 179 countries around the world.

Recent containers to Kenya and Tanzania included a special edition of the Bible called Rescued Not Arrested, which speaks directly to prisoners. 

Jason Woolford with Mission Cry tells us that missionary distributor for Mission Cry in Tanzania received a call from a minister in next-door Kenya, who said, “We received a copy of this Rescued Not Arrested Bible. I was able to take it into the prison and show it to the warden, who’s not a believer.

“He’s willing to allow us to bring the Bible in. But he will only allow us to bring a thousand copies in for every single inmate, because he doesn’t want to have problems.”

The distributor in Tanzania searched and unexpectedly discovered enough to fulfill the the request entirely.

Tanzania prison Bible distribution

Photo courtesy of Mission Cry

“A gentleman in Tanzania drove to Kenya. That’s a whole story in itself,” Woolford says. “This guy is getting ready to meet the Lord. He’s on morphine for pain, but he felt from the Lord that he was to drive these Bibles to Kenya.”

Upon the Bibles arriving at the prison, the Lord did more than just get the books into the hands of inmates.

“As they distribute(d) the Bibles, for 24 hours straight without interruption, they broke out into song, praising, unity. The Spirit of God fell on this place,” Woolford says.

The prison warden told the Kenyan minister, “You can come in and set up a church within the prison, because God, the God of this Bible, is real and doing something. I’ve seen a change in my prisoners, just in them receiving the Bible.”

Praise God for how He moves through His Word!

Visit Mission Cry’s website to learn about their ongoing ministry of distributing the Word to people around the world. Would you join in praying for this key work?

Consider sponsoring the shipping containers they send out. 

“Our contact(s) in Tanzania and Kenya are requesting [more] containers. They’re excited again, to see the impact of the Word of God. Eleven thousand dollars sends a half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books, absolutely for free,” Woolford says.



Header photo of women’s prison Bible distribution courtesy of Mission Cry.

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