Mission Backpack changes lives

By August 28, 2015
Mission Backpack

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach via Facebook)

International (MNN) – “Mission Backpack” may sound like the name of an episode from your child’s favorite TV show.

But this project’s impact is profound–just ask Amy Norton with Orphan Outreach.

“We have seen families’ lives changed through the children carrying their Bible back and forth, and sharing the Gospel at home, and what they’re learning in their Christian school,” Norton shares.

“That backpack has enabled those children to attend a school, get an education, and they have also been sharing the Scriptures with their families.”

The who’s, what’s and why’s

Several years ago, Orphan Outreach discovered a new way to communicate the message of God’s love to the vulnerable children they serve. They decided to name it Mission Backpack.

Mission Backpack through the years.

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach via Facebook)

“We’ve seen it grow each year,” says Norton. “When we first began, we tried to collect as many backpacks as we could. Then, once we developed this opportunity to also purchase them online, we were able to expand that ministry.

“[Now] people anywhere in the U.S.–even internationally–can go online and purchase the needed backpacks and school supplies for these children.”

In most instances, Orphan Outreach and short-term mission teams carry the backpacks loaded with school supplies into the destination country.

Join a Mission Backpack trip here.

On other occasions, Orphan Outreach buys the supplies in-country and their ministry partners distribute them.

“It’s incredibly important for children to have the backpack and school supplies they need to be able to attend school,” Norton shares.

Why Mission Backpack matters

In most of the seven nations Orphan Outreach ministers, children aren’t even allowed in the door of a school without supplies and often, a school uniform.

Orphan Outreach’s sponsorship program covers the school uniform and tuition needs of vulnerable children. Mission Backpack helps cover some of the “smaller” yet equally important needs: a backpack, pencils and erasers, pens, scissors, etc.

Millions of Orphans don't have any way to go to school because they don't have the right supplies. (photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

Millions of Orphans don’t have any way to go to school
because they don’t have the right supplies.
(Photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

“We not only provide them [with] a backpack and school supplies,” says Norton, “we provide them a Bible.”

Ask the Lord how He wants you to be involved with this project. Pray for obedience to respond to His calling.

Have more questions about Mission Backpack? Click here to visit the project Web site.

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