Mission Cry G300 program translated into three new languages

By May 3, 2022

International (MNN) — The Book of Judges tells the story of Gideon, who went up against an invading army. God whittled down his fighting force to 300 men, and in the end, the soldiers didn’t even fight. God gave the enemies terrifying dreams, and they fled.


That’s the inspiration for the G300 discipleship program, which can be found in the back of the Mission Cry Bible in English and Spanish. Mission Cry partners have also begun translating this content into Farsi, Urdu, and Chichewa, the most widely spoken language in Malawi.

Jason Woolford says, “My heart was to see around the world 300 people coming together and making a difference. When the world looks at these 300 people, they’ll say, ‘It must only be God, because there’s no way that these 300 are accomplishing that.’”

The G300 program teaches what it means to be a Christian, such as putting trust in Jesus and not being afraid of enemies. Woolford says, “I think it’s great because it gives not only the teacher, the preacher, the evangelists, but it also gives the individual some ownership. It gives them something to believe in, to understand that they’re a child of God.”

“As I say, my last name is not Woolford, it’s God’s son. People get a full understanding of what it is to belong to a family, to a unit.”

Want to get involved with this project? You can support Mission Cry as they send Mission Cry Bibles all around the world. They also deliver used Bibles and Christian books, and all of these books travel by shipping container. So far, Mission Cry has been given to 178 nations.

Woolford says, “But then also, pray for our brothers and sisters around the world that are so hungry for Bibles.”



Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.