Remember persecuted Christians in the CAR

By May 3, 2022

Central Africa Republic (MNN) — According to the United Nations, nearly two-thirds of the Central African Republic’s entire population needs humanitarian aid and protection to survive this year. More than one-third are children.

“The Central African Republic is without a functioning government; a civil war [has been] going on for years. A lot of [the turmoil] comes down to tribal animosities,” The Voice of the Martyrs USA’s Todd Nettleton says.

Increasing violence pushed CAR back into the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom spotlight. However, “the USCIRF report talks a lot about the persecution of Muslims, and even identifies foreign fighters linked with Russia as the persecutors, but doesn’t talk about the biblical disciples persecuted by both Muslims and militant groups,” Nettleton notes.

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“Voice of the Martyrs [USA] is helping provide education for the young believers there, to raise leaders for the church,” Nettleton says.

“Their (current leaders’) concern is, ‘Who’s going to lead the church in the next generation?’”

Believers listen to an audio Bible.
(Photo courtesy of VOM USA)

Pray for knowledge and discernment. Pray Jesus-followers in the CAR can stand firm in their faith and be true witnesses for Christ.

“There are different militant groups; one group is sort of nominally Muslims, while another group would say they’re the Christians, but they would not be practicing their faith according to the Bible,” Nettleton says.

“Caught in-between those two groups are our Christian brothers and sisters, the biblical disciples. They are persecuted; their homes are destroyed, and thousands of them have been displaced.”



In the header image, The Voice of the Martyrs USA puts Bibles in the hands of young believers, helping them prepare to stand courageously for their faith in Christ. (Photo courtesy of VOM USA)

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