Mission Cry makes plans for expansion

By May 29, 2023

United States (MNN) – Mission Cry has distributed Bibles and other Christian books around the world for nearly 70 years. They have sent shipments to more than 179 countries from their home base of Michigan.

Now Mission Cry is expanding its operations within the United States. President Jason Woolford says they are looking to add a new distribution center in California. They have already begun the search for a location.

“We would be on each side of the United States, and would just allow us to gather that much more material to get overseas and around the world,” says Woolford.

Mission Cry collects Bibles and Christian literature donated by North American believers to send to places where those resources are harder to find. Christians in Malawi, for example, request more Bibles to help with church growth and evangelism. Currently, responding to these requests means first gathering the books at Mission Cry’s Michigan location and preparing them for shipping worldwide. In the future, a secondary location on the West Coast could do the same, increasing the total books Mission Cry is able to receive and send out.

A church in Arizona collected 100 Bibles for believers in other countries. Contact Mission Cry for more information about hosting a Bible drive.

Woolford says, “We would be able to re-duplicate what we do here. And that is getting hundreds of thousands of pounds of books on a weekly basis to come in, be sorted, packed, palletized, and then get sponsored, and put on sea containers to get overseas to our brothers and sisters.”

Before that can happen though, Mission Cry needs a suitable property and building. The ministry is considering different options while remaining open to how God will provide.

“We’ll just keep praying and believing for land, for favor, for sponsorship of these containers that we have that are ready to go right now. And we’ll see how God moves,” says Woolford.

Wondering how you can get involved in the ministry of Mission Cry? You can support the ministry through prayer, donations, and volunteering. Learn more about the many ways to help at MissionCry.com.


Photos courtesy of Mission Cry on Facebook.