Mission Cry: spiritual warfare and God’s plan

By June 6, 2018

Belize (MNN) – Spiritual warfare is a phrase many Christians know, but think happens somewhere else. However, Jason Woolford, the Executive Director of Mission Cry, reminds believers that wherever God’s people are working, they will face trouble. Fortunately, through Christ, they will also overcome.

Working for Christ in Belize

Earlier this year, Mission Cry announced that they had a big vision for Belize. They wanted every home in the country to be able to have a Christian book or Bible. Now that mission is complete.

(Courtesy of Mission Cry)

Woolford says, “Our goal was to send enough Bibles and Christian books for the entire country of Belize. That every single home would have access to a Bible or a Christian book. In addition we were going to hold an event where we would share the testimonies of our children who were cured of a brain tumor, lupus, and being born deformed, but God had moved in those areas and that was televised throughout the entire nation and then people were told on secular television that they were able to come to these locations and get a free Bible or Christian book. And we saw people saved; we saw people healed.”

“This is a Spiritual Battle”

The challenge was great, but God’s people worked together and by His power made the vision a reality. However, bringing Christ’s hope to homes around the world came with challenges. Woolford stresses that one of the biggest ways Christians can support those on the field is to pray against the spiritual warfare and attacks that come often for those intimately involved in God’s work.

Woolford explains that he and his wife, and even his kids, have experienced spiritual warfare from the enemy as they spread the Gospel.

The Woolford family’s testimony became the focus of one of the most recent of the devil’s attacks against Mission Cry’s ministry. A camera crew was going to come to the Woolford home to record their testimony of God’s goodness. It would eventually be watched by 150 million people internationally.

As the day to film their testimony drew near, Woolford knew the devil would not let such a powerful situation come easily. So he and his family prayed for God’s strength and protection as they prepared for the recording.

“That morning my youngest daughter, who is a senior, went to school. She said that she had a warning from the Lord, she dismissed it because she thought she was being over-spiritual. She sat down, and as she sat down a girl grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulled a dime-sized chunk out, started beating her down, kicking her, bit her face. And the whole thing was she talked about was Christians and privilege and all these things. So I told my daughter, count it joy. What a light affliction that was of you getting beat down because Satan was angry that you were about to share your testimony.”

Bringing Good from Evil

That day, as for eternity, Satan did not prevail. Woolford’s daughter faced the persecution of her classmate and walked away still secure in God’s hands. She gave her testimony that night, talked about God’s goodness and her testimony was recorded for international television.

Woolford shares that while this trial was difficult, it reinforces for their family and hopefully for others that our hope in Jesus Christ is real.

(Courtesy of Mission Cry)

“The attacks can come in our life. Because they’re going to come when you’re living and giving to God they’re going to come. And we know as believers that God is going to see us through that. But we can’t let the devil steal our joy while we are awaiting to see the blessing on the other side…

“We all need to just remember that truly we serve an amazing God who will really take what the devil’s intended for bad and turn it around and use it for good. Amen.”

Despite the trials that came, Mission Cry and the Woolford’s saw God at work in Belize. They were able to share their testimony and resources with the country.

The Work Isn’t Finished

Christians around the world face spiritual warfare every day. God is moving but the devil is trying to stop the good work of God. Please pray for the global Church. Pray that they would be strengthened in the knowledge that God’s good plan will be completed despite the spiritual warfare they face.

Please consider how you can support the ministry of Mission Cry through prayer and giving. The last two sea containers of resources and Bibles made it to Belize, but the organization still needs funding for those last containers and for future projects. Help propel God’s Word through joining Mission Cry financially, here.

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