Mission group in Haiti continues to help the needy

By April 28, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–For Haiti with Love is reporting that the French forces continue to try and keep peace in the town of Cap Haitien.

There is still a high percentage of the population with weapons and too few police to keep law and order and many of the poor are fearful.

Those wishing to travel to Cap Haitien often fly in first to Port au Prince. Without regular scheduled air travel to Cap, the mail still hasn’t started reaching the people from the states and that means no money for food is being received.

The good news for the Haitian poor is that For Haiti with Love’s clinic has not been closed, not one day, during all of this, so people injured can find help.

Though they were very well prepared before the violence broke out a few months ago, there has been a lot of drain on the supplies. They received a check for another shipment of Split Black Beans and have that project rolling. They are also in need of more formula for the babies.

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