SAT-7 receives a matching gift

By April 28, 2004

Interrnational (MNN)–SAT-7 receives a large grant to restore daily analogue service, but matching gifts are now needed.

The matching grant has made SAT-7 the only remaining Christian television service for millions of analogue viewers in the Arab World.

SAT-7’s quality Arabic Christian programs will be available one hour a day, everyday on its analogue frequency. They currenly air two hours of programs, 4 days a week on its analogue channel and simultaneously broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on its digital channel. Many viewers, especially in North Africa, are only able to watch SAT-7’s analogue channel.

SAT-7 is committed to providing quality Christian television for its many viewers who rely exclusively on analogue transmissions, because they have been unable to acquire new digital TV equipment.

The gift is a $500,000 U-S matching grant, meaning that the donor will match gifts given to the analogue channel, dollar for dollar, but to a total of $500,000. They are hoping Christians, churches and ministries from around the world will respond with gifts to the analogue channel, ensuring that the entire matching grant is activated and guaranteeing that the channel stays on the air for all of 2004. To find out more about the ministry, make a donation, or read quotes about how the channel is changing lives, go to

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