Mission India gears up for a new adventure

By August 27, 2013

India (MNN) — India is the second most-populous nation in the world, with over 1 billion people and more than 2,000 ethnic groups. Losing your way in this diverse and complex land is an intimidating thought.

"Lost In India" Adventure Kits contain a map to track your journey and a backpack to collect loose change for Mission India Children's Bible Clubs. (Image courtesy Mission India)

“Lost In India” Adventure Kits contain a map to track your journey and a backpack to collect loose change for Mission India Children’s Bible Clubs. (Image courtesy Mission India)

However, getting “Lost In India” this fall will be a good thing. Lindsay Ackerman of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India explains.

“We’re excited to introduce thousands of new families to Chris and our ‘Lost In India’ program,” Ackerman states. “Families are going to be blown away by how it impacts them and their kids, as well as people in India.”

The new program comes as a sequel to “My Passport to India”, the group’s 2010 video series.

“This is really a series of new adventures with our host, Chris,” explains Ackerman. “He is back in India visiting his good friend Justin [but] right off the bat, he gets lost.

“As he tries to find his way, he encounters really great people; he gets to hear the stories of how God is working in their lives, he gets to see India up-close and personal.”

“My Passport to India” is a popular program among homeschooling communities, but Ackerman says it’s not limited to this demographic. You don’t even have to be familiar with the 2010 series to enjoy its sequel.

“It’s just an amazing time for families to grow together as they discover more about our awesome God, the amazing things He’s doing around the world in countries like India,” says Ackerman.

“Parents and kids really love discovering how they can be part of the Great Commission, and sharing the love of Christ with India.”

The first “Lost In India” video launches October 8 and the website’s debut is right around the corner.

“Everybody will be able to check out our ‘Lost in India’ site beginning the first week of September, so right after Labor Day,” says Ackerman. “They’ll be able to check out the trailer and sign up for the free Adventure Kit that we’ll send you in the mail.”

However, you can get a “sneak peek” of the series today by going to Mission India’s Facebook page.

One of this program’s most exciting aspects is the chance to help kids in India hear the Gospel, says Ackerman. Adventure Kits sent to “Lost In India” participants include a “backpack” to collect loose change and donations.

“Each dollar that is given will send another child in India to a Children’s Bible Club,” says Ackerman.

Mission India wants to reach 350,000 kids in India with the Gospel through this program.

“We have a pretty big goal,” she adds. “But, we have a pretty big God, and we know that He’s going to be able to really make a difference with the gifts that we’re able to give through this.”

Pray this program helps further the Gospel in India.

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