Missionaries evacuated in wake of Guinea state of emergency.

By February 20, 2007

Guniea (MNN) — Life is slowly resuming in Guinea's
capital, following the February 12th state of emergency.  Businesses and offices remained closed as a
labor union strike order remained in force and largely followed. 

However, that calm came at the price of 120 lost lives and
hundreds who were arrested under President Lansana Conte's martial law
declaration last week.   The move came
after three days of violent protests sparked by union strikes demanding Conte's
resignation. The unions suspended their strike in January after Conte promised
to relinquish power to a prime minister. 
However, because the man named was too close to the President, the
unions again renewed the strike, which led to the showdown between civilians
and the government.

As a result of the violence, three New Tribes Missionary
families living nearest the trouble evacuated to Senegal from their homes in Conakry. The
violence evident during protests against the government diminished enough to
allow some commercial flights to resume.

However, the Embassy is advising that NTM missionaries
already relocated are safe and should remain at their current location.  NTM leaders have not found it necessary to
move other missionary families from their safe location.

NTM plans to resume their work as soon as it is safe to do
so.  At the time the violence broke out,
a team was heading out to mentor some of the fledging outreaches.  The team planned to travel around to tribal
ministries to answer questions and assess how the teams are progressing toward
the mature church model that is the goal of tribal church planting

That work continues to grow. 
There are new believers among the Susu/Nalu, the Tanda and the Landuma
people. Missionaries in these three tribes are translating the Word, and
discipling new believers with the hope of establishing these young churches. In
another tribe, missionaries are beginning language study. There are six more
people groups in view as soon as there are enough laborers.

Please continue to pray for restored peace to the country.


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