Situation resolved for Moldovan ministry.

By February 20, 2007

(MNN) — Due to an unexpected twist in new governmental regulations in the Republic of Moldova, Little Samaritan Mission's work
faced the danger of being silenced.

As the only Christian radio network in the country, with 14
years of service through 12 radio stations, the changes were threatening. LSM's
Florin Pindicblaj shares, "They put nine out of 12 of our licenses on the
public auction, because they needed to get their hands on the media…not
because they had something against Little Samaritan, they respect Little
Samaritan, but Little Samaritan is the largest Christian media over

From the first station, launched in 1994, 12 more stations
were added in Moldova and
uplinked to satellite creating a network of 13 stations which covered the
entire country of Moldova
and even parts of Ukraine
and eastern Romania.

LSM radio offers programming which meets the spiritual needs
of the people of Moldova
by broadcasting inspirational and educational programs commercial-free 24 hours
a day. To sell of bits of the network would deprive prisons, hospitals,
orphanages and even schools of the programming that shares the hope of Christ.

Today, Little Samaritan is celebrating the result of
prayer.  Pindicblaj says, "On
February 13, God brought us a victory. 
Not only were they not able to take our frequencies, but they extended
for nine years, all nine frequencies–they gave them back to Little Samaritan

Aside from their radio work, LSM has a Medical Clinic
providing free medical services and medication to the poor and to orphans in Northern Moldova, Soup Kitchen, and a Christian
library.  Click here if you want more
information or want to help.

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