Student in Ghana Using Education to Spread the Word

By February 20, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — A training center in Ghana is producing fruit within and without its ministry. 

Oasis International Training Center, of Oasis International , is a school that offers vocational training in computers and accounting and Biblical studies.  It is located between Prampram and New Ningo in Ghana.

Ambrose Brennan of OITC said they are seeing the effects of their biblical studies being taken to outside communities.  Speaking of Joseph Hartey, an advanced student, Brennan said, ;quot;He's taking the scriptural knowledge he's gaining here and he's spreading it to a community that's next to Prampram.

Hartey said that the Biblical discussions they have are helping him to be successful.  Even
though his training was done last October he decided to continue at the school to build up his "spiritual affair in the Lord."

"The Bible has been elaborated in different situations which made me to be more knowledgeable now and to be able to stand on my feet," said Hartey.

Though Hartey would be able to take a job outside of the ministry after finishing his training he is planning on going into ministry.  "I have decided fully so in my heart, because
with the tool of God I hope I can be able to pray or preach the Word to others in the darkness," said Hartey.

The opportunity for education has helped Hartey polish his spoken English which is needed in his ministry.  "Also, it elaborates me to do much about Christ.  And also to open up my mind to know the divine issues of the Lord, more importantly," said Hartey.

Hartey plans to direct others to the institute so they can know the Lord better and get training that will help them better themselves.

Brennan said that some students who come knowing only about the computer classes end up enrolling for Bible classes as well. 

If you would like to donate, the institute has begun reaching out to the disabled in the community.  Brennan said "We really would love to try to find a van or a small bus that could facilitate transporting the disabled people here for meetings."

Also, pray that as they minister to their students and local youth leaders that they will be able to impart the Word of God and raise up the next generation.

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