Missionaries return to the field

By July 21, 2009

US A (MNN) — International Mission Board has received funding that will allow them to send more missionaries to the field.

Many programs had to be cut, and no new missionaries were appointed when the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering fell short last year. The offering came in at $141 million — $29 million behind their goal of $170 million. 

Leaders expressed the importance of faithfully carrying out the Great Commission — not for the benefit of IMB, said IMB president Jerry Rankin, but because "God is moving in amazing ways through global events to reach a lost world." The opportunities
are unprecedented, said Rankin.

Donations began pouring in. Churches called saying they were taking special offerings for IMB. An offering was taken at the Pastor's Conference, and a check was presented from
the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. The SBTC's donations totaled more than $43,000. 

"The money will be used to send missionaries who are called and qualified to go — many whom we would have been unable to send and support this year without these gifts," said Rankin. 

He continued, "I cannot adequately express my heartfelt thanks for these gifts. This tangible expression of love for Christ, a heart for missions, and a desire to reach a lost world will help Southern Baptists be faithful to the Great Commission by sending more missionaries to the field."  

According the Lottie Moon page on the IMB Web site, they are currently supporting 5,318 missionaries. Lottie Moon was a missionary to China a century ago; she has motivated
Christians to either go to the field or support those who do so. One of her letters asked, "How many more million souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?"

If you'd like to help IMB continue to restore their mission team financially, click here.  

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