OneHope directors meeting shows God working in Russia

By July 21, 2009

Russia (MNN) — Many children and youth in the country of
Russia struggle with the use of drugs and alcohol at a young age. OneHope is  looking to restore hope to them.

What to do for these children was one of the topics at
OneHope's regional directors' meeting held last week.

"We annually have our regional directors come for a week, not only to update us on some testimonies and reports, but to look at new programs, new strategies, and enlarge their vision. Then we
finish off with a full day of prayer," said Bob Hoskins, the founder of

Hoskins said he was excited to see how God was working
through OneHope ministries all over the world. From this meeting, reports and
prayer are shared. Strategies on how to be more effective in the ministry are
also shared based on what is taking place in each country.

In Russia, in particular, OneHope will be holding a series
of concerts for celebration and hope.

"We've named our concerts ‘I Want to Live.' The theme of
course is that there is real life in Christ," Hoskins said. Through these
concerts, youth and children in 50 cities across Russia will be presented with
the message of the hope of Christ.

OneHope prays that these concerts will show the children how Christ
can save them from a pattern of alcohol, drug abuse, and the AIDS epidemic
ravaging their area.

According to OneHope's Web site, they have already reached
1,350,000 children and youth in Russia with words of Christ.

Worldwide, OneHope plans to reach 70 million children with Scripture, either through the Book of Hope or the film, The Godman.

To touch the life of a child through OneHope costs just 33 cents. You can help three children for only one

If you would like to help children in
Russia and all around the world, visit OneHope's Web site or call 1-800-GIVE

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