Missionaries seek spiritual breakthrough in Cologne

By February 4, 2009

Germany (MNN) — Missionaries in Cologne, Germany believe that God wants to move in their city. Greater Europe Mission has designated Cologne as a Breakthrough City — a place where prayer, resources and personnel will be focused for 12 to 18 months. GEM's goal is to prepare the spiritual ground in Cologne for the expansion of God's Kingdom.

"We are praying in belief that God wants to break through the spiritual darkness in Cologne," says Jason, a GEM missionary in Cologne. "We have a vision to plant 50 new churches in the next five years and see thousands of people trust Christ."

More than 40% of people in Cologne profess Catholicism, although less than 5% attend church regularly. GEM missionaries are hoping to offer worship elements that people from a Catholic background are comfortable and familiar with while infusing the Gospel. Johann and Helga, a Cologne couple, have expressed interest in attending a local GEM missionary church. Many middle-aged Catholics in Cologne are highly-educated, culturally sensitive, and well-to-do, including this particular couple. Join the GEM missionary team as they ask God to move among the large community of people similar to Johann and Helga.

"We feel this couple is really seeking," Jason said. "They've been thinking about coming to our church since we started it in July 2008. We hope they will begin to follow Jesus."

To reach young people in Cologne's vibrant arts and media community, GEM missionaries started a house church that incorporates the arts into worship. One American attendee shares her faith with German friends by meeting them at a café to study the Bible. She begins by asking friends if they are religious.

"When Heather asks this question, amazing doors open," says a fellow GEM missionary. "During one of the girls' meetings at the café, even the waitress expressed interest in what they were doing."

To see spiritual breakthrough in North American hometowns, Jason feels, is a matter of prayer and acting upon opportunities God provides to share His love with people.

"One thing we're going to do here is intentional prayer-walking and spiritual mapping," he says. "We'd like to have short-term teams come and help us with that. I think it could be done in America too – getting out there and asking God what to say to people, looking for people who are open, and engaging them in conversation."

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