Missionary couple still “on mission” after leaving the mission field

By November 30, 2021

International (MNN) — What do you do when the Lord calls you to be a missionary, but then you’re forced to leave the mission field?

That’s the question that faced American missionary couple Warren and Brenda Pfohl. Their story was recently shared by Jesus Film Project.

Despite frustrating circumstances, this couple is still “on mission” no matter where God has them.

Warren and Brenda Pfohl (Image courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

When they sensed the Holy Spirit calling them to be missionaries in Poland, the Pfohls sold everything they could, packed up the rest, and followed God’s leading. They learned the Polish language, established a team, and even started a church.

But after some time, Brenda Pfohl got very sick. Heartbroken and confused, the couple had to leave Poland and go back to the United States.

The Pfohls started searching for other ways to get involved in missions.

Then they learned about Jesus Film Project, the ministry that has produced the JESUS Film in over 1,800 languages! They were amazed by stories of communities who’ve never heard the Gospel coming to Christ after watching a movie about Jesus in their heart language.

The couple began giving to fund more translations of the JESUS Film.

Brenda Pfohl says, “Jesus Film [Project] is our favorite organization to give to because of how committed they are to the Great Commission. They are so committed to reaching the world for Christ.”

JESUS Film showing in Tanzania. (Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

By continuing to support Jesus Film Project, the Pfohls are faithful to their calling to make disciples – something that is true of all Christians.

“We thought our missions was done, that we had failed,” says Warren Pfohl. “But the JESUS Film has given us this ability to continue to be a part of this calling that we were so clear that He wanted us to be a part of.”

Learn more about how you can live out your missions calling with Jesus Film Project here!






Header photo depicting Warren and Brenda Pfohl courtesy of Jesus Film Project.