Not all Christians are fleeing the Taliban

By November 30, 2021

Afghanistan (MNN) — After the Taliban cemented its control over Afghanistan, many Christians fled. World Mission has helped over 200 Christians get out of the country.

Greg Kelley says the Taliban compiled lists of Christians and has even hunted them down to arrest or kill them. “However, there still remains a large number of Christians inside of Afghanistan that will never leave. They are so convicted and challenged that they want to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The idea is that if they leave, who’s going to share Jesus with their fellow Afghans?”

One pastor’s story

Kelley tells the story of one pastor who sent his daughter out of the country. Women face worse prospects under Taliban rule by far, with education limited and forced marriage a possibility in some places.

The pastor himself refused to leave. Kelley says he recorded a video message for other Christians, exhorting them to boldness and courage in Jesus’ name. “As he was recording this message with a smile on his face, filled with the joy of the Lord, you could hear in the background, the door being pounded on by the Taliban.”

Ask God to give courage to Christians remaining in Afghanistan. Pray their courage will display the love of Jesus to many fellow Afghans, including Taliban fighters.

Pray also that God would change the hearts of the Taliban and stop their violence against Christians and other dissenters. The people of Afghanistan long for peace and wholeness in their country.

Get Involved

World Mission continues ministering to people who fled the country as well, even distributing solar-powered audio Bibles in refugee camps. You can support the audio Bible program and help provide humanitarian aid here.



Header photo courtesy of World Mission.