Missionary radio hosts family conference in Cambodia

By March 14, 2008

Cambodia (MNN) — A missionary radio outreach is celebrating a milestone. On March 22, 2008, Far East Broadcasting Company Cambodia will be hosting its third marriage and parenting seminar to celebrate six years of Family FM, FEBCambodia's local Christian station.

Previous marriage seminars were offered in Phnom Penh, but this year's celebration unfolds in Takeo Province, a two-hour drive from the capital, to help couples who rarely have access to such teaching. About 200 Khmer people are expected.

Both Christians and non-Christians are invited to attend. In addition to marriage and family counseling, an inspirational message will be offered to point people to the Christian faith. Following the seminar, radios will be distributed, to encourage those in attendance to tune into Family FM's 14 hours of programming a day.

Major strides have been made in recent years to rebuild Cambodia, a nation decimated by Pol Pot's 1975-1979 bloody regime that destroyed more than 25-percent of the population. Those who fled before his takeover were fortunate, including Samoeun Intal, who escaped to the Philippines. Later, she joined FEBC in Manila, where she helped produce culturally-relevant, evangelistic shortwave programs for the Cambodian people.

In 1993, the Cambodian government allowed national programmers to establish an FEBC office and studio in the capital of Phnom Penh, and Samoeun and her family returned to her native country.

"The family unit was so badly damaged [by Pol Pot's regime]," Samoeun explains, "that we're still working to rebuild lives 30 years later. The emotional and physical needs of Cambodians are still very great. We minister to people through our broadcasts, seminars, prayer crusades, medical outreach, and radio distribution."

In March 2002, FEBCambodia introduced its first local station, Family-FM. Daytime programming on Family-FM is pre-evangelistic with light Christian content. The radio programs serve the community by providing news updates and educational programs for various audiences. Evening broadcasts aid the growth of believers through Bible studies and other programs.

Radio has recently been cited as Cambodia's most effective means of communication, and the staff of FEBCambodia labor to offer many hours of programming to share the love and hope found in Christ.

As one listener recently wrote, "Before I accepted Christ as my Savior, my life was terrible. As a soldier I wasn't afraid of anyone. I treated others badly. But when I believed in God, I became a new person…gentle, humble, and obedient, especially to my parents. In turn, they treated me with respect and compassion. Listening to FEBC's Family FM broadcasts is so good for me, as well as others in my village. My family has become more peaceful and grateful to be servants of God. Thank you, FEBC, for helping change my heart."

Please pray that many hearts will be open to the marriage and family counseling, as well as the Good News of Christ shared during this outreach.

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